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Lawn crypts are the most practical and economical approach to earth burial at Woodlawn. In addition to being surrounded by the lush natural beauty of Historic Woodlawn Cemetery, they offer many of the benefits of mausoleum entombment and are often referred to by engineers as "in-ground mausoleums."

Each double depth crypt consists of steel-reinforced concrete weighing over 4,000 pounds each. Lawn crypts are installed through excavation and the placement of a drainage tile to remove moisture. The tile is then covered with a thick layer of washed gravel and the double-depth, steel reinforced concrete crypt is placed on top of the gravel bed. After the crypt is set in place, the area is backfilled with washed gravel. Each crypt becomes encased in a gravel shell with 24" of earth placed over the top of the entire area.

A beautiful bronze on granite memorial is available for lawn crypts at Historic Woodlawn Cemetery. The unique design includes a built-in vase, which provides proper support for flowers. The vase nests securely into a recessed container when not in use.

For information on Lawn Crypts, please call 419-472-2186 and ask to speak to a Family Advisor.

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