MotorCities National Heritage Area

file 20171107222600 2017 Mi Auto Heritage DayMotorCities leadership joins Michigan Auto Caucus for special tribute presentation at Michigan Auto Heritage Day From left to right are: Robert Kreipke, Board Chairman for MotorCities; Shawn Pomaville-Size, MotorCities’ Executive Director, Senator Steve Bieda and Senator Mike Kowall, Co-Chair of the Michigan Legislative Auto CaucusThe date of November 1, 2017 was proclaimed Michigan as Michigan Auto Heritage Day.  Click here to read the Proclamation from Governor Rick Snyder.

It is a day where supporters of automotive heritage preservation come together in celebration of the state’s unique history of automotive industry.

MotorCities will be honoring projects from around the National Heritage Area that have gone above and beyond to protect our rich heritage with our annual Awards of Excellence.

The MotorCities National Heritage Area is a non-profit affiliate of the National Park Service dedicated to preserving, promoting and interpreting the history of the automotive industry and the organized labor movement. Michigan Auto Heritage Day and the Awards of Excellence launched in 2013.