Ring Joint Gaskets

Lamons manufactures and supplies a large variety of ring joint gaskets. The RTJ standard size gaskets are manufactured in accordance to API-6A and ASME B16.20 specifications. Lamons is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

  • Oval (Style 377) and Octagonal (Style 388)
  • BX (Style 390)
  • RX (Style 391)
  • SRX and SBX
  • Style 377R (Rubber coated rings)
  • Style 377T (Transition Rings)
  • Bridgeman (Style 393)
  • Delta (Style 392)
  • Lens (Style 394)

Kammprofile RTJ

  • Kammpro-ORJ
  • Kamm-PEG
  • Kammpro-Adapter (RTJ to RF)

Specialty Machined Products

Lamons maintains a high capacity of programmable mill and lathe capability for custom machine work on most any specialty component. As a leading manufacturer of custom machined products for the refining, petrochemical and industrial markets, Lamons recognizes the quality and service levels these industries require.