Photo credit: Emma Winowiecki

We talked before about the abuse that happened in Larry Nassar’s basement, but most of Larry’s abuse happened in a doctor’s office…with a parent merely an arm’s reach away.

Most people who hear these facts instantly have two questions:

  1. How could a parent possibly be in the same room while their child is abused?
  2. Why didn’t the kids scream out or tell their parent while the abuse was happening?

We hear questions like this ALL the time at CARE House; things like, “But they were never home alone together, so how could it have happened?” or “I was in the room the whole time, I didn’t see anything.

“Giving Tuesday,” the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has gained prominence recently as a way for charitable organizations to connect with the community at large, increase their visibility and encourage donations. We thought we’d take the opportunity today to share some easy ways to give back to CARE House:

1. Rite Aid KidCents

Sign up for KidCents and select CARE House as your chosen charity to round up your Rite Aid purchase to the nearest dollar, with the difference being donated to us.

The fourth episode of Michigan Radio’s Believed podcast might be the most chilling one yet. This is because you hear from Larry Nassar himself. His voice comes from a tape of another police interview (not the same one we talked about before) that ended just like the last one: with Larry walking out the door, a free man.

After all the media coverage of the Nassar case, it’s difficult to imagine him as anything but a serial child abuser.