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Brittany, one of our forensic interviewers, pointed out an article that she thought elucidated some of the mystery behind what it is, precisely, that forensic interviewers do. Written by Elizabeth King, a forensic interviewer at Randolph-Tucker CAC in West Virginia, the article explains how the interviewer has to be an expert improvisor, ensuring a constant balance between the needs of the MDT and the needs of the child, all while maintaining their essential integrity and neutrality.

She acknowledges how difficult the work often is, but highlights how powerful it is to witness children at the moment of positive transformation when they disclose their abuse. Forensic interviewers can be the catalyst for these children to reclaim their lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about how forensic interviewing works at CARE House, be sure to sign up for a Seeds of Hope tour, every second Tuesday of the month at noon.


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