In episode 3 of Michigan Radio’sBelieved podcast, you hear from another one of Larry Nassar’s victims: a woman named Kyle. She was abused by Larry when she was a young girl… for 6 years.

Kyle was never a gymnast though, so her abuse didn’t happen in a doctor’s office.

It happened in a basement. Larry Nassar’s basement.

While Kyle’s parents cooked dinner with Larry’s wife upstairs.

Kyle didn’t tell anyone about what Larry was doing at first, because she didn’t know she had something to tell.

CARE House forensic interviewer Brittany B. shares her insights into “How He Got Away”

The first time that Dr. Larry Nassar sexually assaulted a child was in 1994, a full two decades before he would be caught by police. When he was charged in early 2018, after nearly 500 victims came forward, the world wondered how and why he was able to get away with so much for so long. Many of us are still wondering.

Every adult has the ability to protect children and prevent them from becoming victims of sexual abuse. Darkness to Light has created this five step guide to show you the little things that reduce the risk that 1 of 10 children faces.