AKFSA Grant Opportunities!


The Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety is committed to building awareness and supporting work to improve the lives of sufferers of social anxiety and those whose lives they touch.

Our mission is to educate social anxiety sufferers, mental health and educational professionals, physicians, family members and the general public about the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorder.

We seek to partner with like-minded organizations to make a significant impact on those who suffer their families and the professionals providing treatment.


About the Program

The Foundation’s focus is on Educational and Outreach activities directed at improving knowledge about social anxiety toward a national audience. AKFSA’s goal is to make social anxiety a part of the mainstream discussion within both the professional and public communities. We are interested only in proposals that involve statewide, large regional or national initiatives to further outreach and education. AKFSA is committed to early intervention projects that provide knowledge to empower families. We expect that all grantees will review our website in order to fully appreciate the Foundation’s background and mission. All requests should meet the funding targets of the Foundation as delineated in our mission statement. This program is open to all governmental agencies and non-profit entities that provide mental health care and services across the United States and Canada. Proposals that focus on technological solutions, such as improving access to treatment, will also rank high on the Foundation’s prioritization for funding. All treatment or intervention proposals should be justified based on basic research, empirically supported theory or pilot data. Appropriate literature should be cited. It is critical that all proposals demonstrate evidence of co-funding partnerships and strategic alliances. These grant proposals that demonstrate strategic partnerships, cash – match and collaborative relationships will be given first consideration.

Funding Opportunities

  • Public information, awareness, and education programs/campaigns on Social Anxiety and related disorders.
  • Educational outreach to “first responders” such as pediatricians, teachers, parents.
  • Partnership and collaborative projects that aim to make a significant impact in the area of professional education and treatment of social anxiety for sufferers and their families.
  • Early education and intervention projects that impact school age children, teens, and the professional staff associated with education.
  • Development of technology solutions to increase access to mental health education and improve treatment for college-age social anxiety sufferers.
  • Screening, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention relating to early mental health treatment for social anxiety to benefit children, adolescents or adults.
  • Improved treatment and delivery of mental health care and services for people suffering with social anxiety, using treatment models that demonstrate a fast track approach to improve accessibility and use evidence-based practice standards

Generally, the Foundation will not consider support for the following:

  • Grants made directly to individuals
  • Loans
  • Grants that include conference attendance, unless specifically for the purposes of presentation of information related to an AKFSA funded project at a national event.
  • Grants to support religious activity or sectarian education.
  • Projects not directly related to Social Anxiety.
  • Capital projects or equipment purchases.
  • Endowments, annual drives, or fund raising events.
  • Funding for past operating deficits
  • Treatment that is not consistent with basic research, empirically supported theory or pilot data.
  • Pilot projects that will not pass IRB approval process.
  • Grants that seek indirect costs/facilities and administrative costs.

Funding Cycle Due Dates

  • Closed for 2016
  • Next funding cycle – TBD


You may contact staff at the Foundation to discuss eligibility and questions.

Lori Blumenstein-Bott M.S.W.
Executive Director
Phone: (248) 363-0409


Applications must be emailed to hello@akfsa.org.